CompuPack Germany – at one glance




Own suppliers in Asia


Different parts

  • Your contact in Europe with access to 80 own suppliers in Asia
  • We are searching for the optimal suppliers and new sources for your needed demands
  • Our parent company ACES is supporting you about the design for new parts

Introducing CompuPack and ACES

  • ASIA

Compupack Germany branch

  • 1 employees, with 1 engineer
  • Supplies & support the European market
  • Buffer storage for our customers


Compupack Asia headquarter

  • 76 employees
  • Suppliers & supports Asia & customers worldwide
  • Own R&D department
  • Sourcing team for Chinese suppliers


ACES Connectors (mother company):

  • More than 7000 employees
  • 190 employees in R&D
  • 80 employees in QS
  • Connector Capacity output 200 million pcs/month

Certification of our producers

CPC has a portfolio of manufacturers with the following certifications

Important goals of the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard are:

  • Improve internal communication
  • Improve understanding of processes
  • Improve process control
  • Proof of certain standards for third parties

Important goals of the ISO 14001 standard are:

  • Environmental management
  • Life cycle assessments on environmental indicators or on environmental performance assessment
  • Helps options based on the analysis of material and energy flows
    and to develop goals for the reduction of waste, waste water and emissions
  • Achieve continuous improvement in environmental protection

The TL 9000 (Telecom Leadership 9000) is a quality standard for telecommunications
for providers of telecommunications equipment and services.

Certification standard for the automotive industry

Certification standard for medical technology

Now also includes health protection requirements

  • Ensures the continuous improvement of A& GS management systems
  • Creates better working conditions
  • Improves safety in the workplace
  • Pay attention to compliance with legal regulations
  • Applies to every organization, regardless of size, type and type
  • Can be easily combined with other management standards, making certification easier