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Certification of our producers

CPC has a portfolio of manufacturers with the following certifications

ISO 9001

Important goals of the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard are:

  • Improve internal communication
  • Improve understanding of processes
  • Improve process control
  • Proof of certain standards for third parties
ISO 14001

Important goals of the ISO 14001 standard are:

  • Environmental management
  • Life cycle assessments on environmental indicators or on environmental performance assessment
  • Helps options based on the analysis of material and energy flows
    and to develop goals for the reduction of waste, waste water and emissions
  • Achieve continuous improvement in environmental protection
TL 9000

The TL 9000 (Telecom Leadership 9000) is a quality standard for telecommunications
for providers of telecommunications equipment and services.

IATF 16949

Certification standard for the automotive industry

ISO 45001

Certification standard for medical technology

ISO 45001

Now also includes health protection requirements

  • Ensures the continuous improvement of A& GS management systems
  • Creates better working conditions
  • Improves safety in the workplace
  • Pay attention to compliance with legal regulations
  • Applies to every organization, regardless of size, type and type
  • Can be easily combined with other management standards, making certification easier